Why Homework is important to your child’s learning

With the new school year starting, many parents are excited about their children starting school or moving up a grade. However, with that excitement comes the anxiety of having to do homework. Most nights for the next 44 weeks of 2019. But homework is important to your child’s learning. If the thought of homework sours the thought of school, then you are doing it wrong. And chances are, you are transferring your anxiety about homework to your child too.

Let’s help you fix that this year. Starting with changing your mindset about your child’s homework and therefore changing theirs. Here are Four reasons why homework is important to your child’s learning:

1. Homework reinforces understanding

The function of homework is to ensure that your child has understood the lessons taught in class and is able to apply them independently. Without homework, the teacher would not know if the children in the class understood the work they were doing. It is the additional practice that learners need in order to build confidence that they understand a topic or to highlight areas of improvement.

2. Homework helps you track your child’s progress

The homework children get every day is based on work they completed on that day. Hence the need to reinforce understanding as discussed in point 1 above. However, it also allows the parent to track the performance of the learner through different topics in the curriculum. This, in turn, empowers the parent to find appropriate help for their child where and when they struggle academically.

3. Homework develops study skills in learners

Although doing homework and studying are not the same thing, homework helps develop study skills. As learners complete their homework daily, they learn how to manage time and how to make effective use of learning resources available to them e.g. computers for research. They also learn how to be organised, by keeping track of the homework they are meant to complete each day and ensuring they complete them.

4. Homework helps parents participate in their child’s education

Beyond just tracking the progress of the child, parents can understand the contents of the curriculum as their children complete their homework. Many parents complain that their children are not taught relevant material at the right level of difficulty required by life post-school. But how will you really know when you do not know what your child is learning?

Understanding the contents of the curriculum enables parents to bring it to life for their children. You can sit with them on Sunday reading a newspaper and test the presentation, summary and analysis skills they are learning at school. Teaching your child that learning goes beyond the classroom.

We’ve developed a Parent’s guide to help you understand what is expected of your child at whatever grade they are in. Use this to empower yourself to be an active participant in your child’s learning journey.

With work commitments, many parents cannot be there to supervise the homework. Therefore, they cannot ensure that their children are fully benefiting from homework time. They cannot ensure that study skills are being developed and knowledge reinforced. So, they find help through private tuition and homework centres. If you are looking for more than a homework centre, find out how our WhizzKids After School Programme can help you and your child benefit from homework time.

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