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Rutega Learning Hubs offers online schooling for Grade 1 to 12 learners.
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Rutega’s Online homeschooling  (alternative schooling) is a great alternative to mainstream(private or public schooling) education. With the online homeschool system, the parent’s involvement in their child(ren)’s education is not only limited to the choice of school and homework assistance, but to input in the overall experience.

We help parents fill the gaps, providing support and resources for academic success. Furthermore, they form part of a community of parents and learners embarking on this transformative journey of education. You and your child(ren) will never be alone!

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Our Grade 12’s are registered and assessed by SACAI for their National Senior Certificate. Grade 1’s to 11’s write tests and exams prepared by Rutega Learning Hubs.

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Rutega Learning Hubs teaches subjects from Grades 1 to 12.