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Rutega Learning Hubs offers an online programme for learners who want a sencond.
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Online Matric Upgrading Explained

How We Do Matric Upgrading

Rutega’s  Online Matric Upgrading programme helps learners add marks to the amazing work they have achieved so far. We believe you need a little more time, effort and dedication to achieve the results you deserve.

Do not waste time thinking about upgrading sometime in the future. The time is “NOW”! Rutega prides its self with the caliber of professionals it has help produce over the last 15 years, secure your future today.

We help learners fill the gaps, providing support and resources for academic success. Furthermore, they form part of a community of learners embarking on this transformative journey. You will never be alone!

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Assessments When Online Schooling

Our Grade 12’s or matric upgrades are registered and are assessed by SACAI for their National Senior Certificate.

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Rutega Learning Hubs teaches the subjects you need for a brighter future.